Download the Place beyond the Pines Movie in HD

Watch the Place beyond the Pines: The story is of Luke, a motorcycle stuntman, who quits his job after he finds out that Romina, played by Eva Mendes, his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and had his child. The trouble is, she married another man. Luke is torn between his new found love for his son, besides his inability to hold a steady job. So, to pilfer attentiveness of his ‘family’ Luke begins to rob banks, along with his friend, excellently portrayed by Ben Mendelssohn. Of course, this puts him on a accident course with Bradley Cooper’s idealistic cop. A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course beside an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective.

Download The Place Beyond the Pines Movie: Not wishing to ruin the plot, I won’t say anymore. When I primal heard the plot, I was immediately struck by the similarities to another excellent Ryan Gosling movie, Drive. In that film, Gosling plays a stunt driver, who takes on a career to help his neighbor. However similar the plot shrub be, the two films are complete opposites. The Place beyond the Pines is a character driven study of morality and legacy, while Drive is closer to the genre of an stadium film. However, the two films do have one more thing in common; they both showcase amazing Ryan Gosling performances.

Watch the Place beyond the Pines Movie: In this film, Goslings would be father, doing what he thinks is best, is at times aggravating and intensely emotional. It’s a great performance, and a tricky one to master. But Gosling gets it, and turns in one of his best performances. That’s not to articulate the other performances aren’t spectacular as well. Eva Mendes turns in some of her best pains in years, playing a woman torn between hier desire to be with Gosling, and to have a normal family life amidst her husband. Bradley Cooper turns in his best work yet, playing a cop shredded between his want for justice and his powerful ambition. As mentioned above, Ben Mendelsohn turns in some great work as does Ray Liotta. Honor must go to newcomer Dane Dehaan, performing in some of the film’s most gut-wrenching moments. Then about course there is the director. Derek Cianfrance’s style is completely unique, and incredibly effective. He is one director to possess an eye on. The cinematography is excellent, especially during the opening shot, when the camera follows Gosling from his trailer, across a fairground, onto a motorcycle and into a giant ball where Gosling rides around.