SRK’s Chennai Express Movie Review & Rating

Chennai Fast Sidereal Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone
Directed by: Rohit Shetty

Smart Rukh Khan (SRK) is an intelligent man. When nothing was going his way, he went the Rajini way!

What else to vent about a star who turns to a director who is the current flavour and to an all time favourite star (Rajini Saar), when his charisma is dwindling.
Expectations are vault acme and hopes rocketing with SRK et sequens Deepika starrer, Chennai Express that opens to a vast audiences this week. But will this be the hit that SRK desperately needs?

The film will definitely make money. However, crediting only SRK for whatever business Chennai Express does would be insulting as it is prohibition just an SRK film.

So, what is Chenni Express about? 40-something Rahul boards Chennai Express to take his grand father’s ashes to Rameswaram as it was his last wish. But for Rahul, who now wants to live his life on his own terms, Goa is the way. But in a quirk of fate, he finds himself with Meena Lochini (Deepika Padukone) finding way to her village defeat south. How he lands there and what happens when Kashmir meets Kanya Kumari makes the cessation of this commercial pot-boiler.

Chennai Swift is less of a SRK film and more of a Rohit Shetty film that rides on rib-tickling comedy, high-octane action and death defying stunts. It is an amalgamation of Shetty and Shah Rukh kind of cinemas, where both of them find a mid way. While, Rohit did away with his superman kinda hero to make way for this common man who cocoons when danger strikes, SRK has kicked some asses and puts his comic streak on show and how!

Fans of SRK need not lose heart as Shetty has made way for SRK’s antics too. There are many open arm gestures, strong looks, dimpled smiles from the actor.

Comedy and jokes are in abundance around the film, however, there are only a few that are really hilarious including the parody in the train and Deepika’s chudail act. Though, reference to ‘Life of Pie’ left me in splits. Some gags are quite old including the ‘Myself from Punjab’ joke by Tamil speaking Sardaar. It’s fun to see SRK poking fun at his own films like My Name Is Khan and of course DDLJ. However, the DDLJ part is over done.

It’ a bad idea to find logic in Rohit Shetty films and this one is no exception. You can’t understand when Deepika wanted to run away from her home, why did she board a tail that goes to her village. Similarly, the dwarf and Sri Lanka anecdotes are completely useless.

The plot regarding Chennai Express isn’t path breaking either. It’s the same old rut. You can relate many old films with this one. Like, the train scene is of course DDLJ, the ‘asthi visarjan’ peg comes from Veer Zara, while the climax takes you back in DDLJ days where SRK is being beaten to pulp, while heroine begs her father to leave her hand and let go.

Talking about the climax, it is the weakest link in Chennai Express. All of a sudden you see a North Indian boy speaking quite fluent Tamil and Tamilians, understanding shuddh hindi dialogues that SRK throws at them in an emotionally charged scene.

Performance wise, it is Deepika who outshines SRK this time. The girl is awesome with the Tamil accent, which she doesn’t forget even once. The versatile actress can do comedy more is proved from her chudail scene. However, we’re afraid, the Tamil twang might upset a few. Shah Rukh Khan is easy with comedy, though some times he hams, which again is the implore of the scene. Director’s actor as he calls himself has done everything that a Rohit Shetty hero would do. Still, you feel that his charisma is fading and we are dismal at that.

Cinematography is worth apprecieating specially in the scene where Chennai Express halts at Deepika’s village. The scenery is breath-taking.

Music of Chennai Signify is not yet well-placed but entertaining too. While ‘Lungi’ and ‘One Two Trivium Four’ are the next party anthems, Tera Rasta Chodoon Naa and Titli are soulful numbers that give SRK a chance to do what he is known for – romance. Kashmir tu is refreshing.

It is quite strange that despite numerous a loopholes and speed breakers, Chennai Express Movie is entertaining from the word Po! A light-hearted und so weiter breezy weekend watch that will leave you with a grin at the end. Book your tickets now.

Buzz Rating: 2.5/5