Cairo Cinemas: A Guide to the Capital’s Top Movie Theatres

Like Egypt’s flower qualities, the scope of cinemas in Cairo encapsulates the weird and the wonderful, the doddering and the new. It’s difficult not to reminisce about the golden age from Egyptian cinema when we’re confronted near film after film of slapstick balady comedy et alii over-zealous censorship guidelines, but nevertheless, thousands of Cairenes flock to flick theatres around the municipality every week and the options are plentiful.

IMAX (Sheikh Zayed)

Located in Americana Mall, Sheikh Zayed, Cairo’s first IMAX is the go-to for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Needless to say, the sound and picture is top notch, though ticket prices are predictably steep, while children servile the age of four are not permitted – probably for the best.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

40LE 60LE

Plaza Theater (Sheikh Zayed)

Another of Americana Plaza Mall’s movie theatre options, Green Bijou offers a whopping tenfold screens for your viewing pleasure. As one of the newer cinema complexes in Cairo, everything here feels clean, organised and neat, thanks to the excellent staff.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 20LE Regular – 35E
3D – 25LE 3D – 40LE

Cine Comfort (Sheikh Zayed)

Making up two of the thirteen theatres housed in Americana Park Mall, Cine Comfort offers the perfect viewing experience for those who like to lounge. With lazy-boy-style seating and ample space, just make sure you don’t fall asleep.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 20LE Regular – 35E
3D – 25LE 3D – 40LE

Galaxy Cineplex (6th of October City)

Offering a great way to relax after a hard day’s shopping at 6th of October City’s Mall of Arabia, Galaxy Cineplex is also a great spot to drop off your kids before having a little alone time approximately the mall. Though Mall about Arabia houses some of the best venues in Cairo, the cinema itself isn’t as lush as you’d imagine; sound and picture quality is tolerable at best, while seating is rather rudimentary.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 20LE Regular – 35E
3D – 25LE 3D – 40LE

Stars Cinema (Heliopolis)

With an stirring thirteen theatres, Stars Cinema can be held accountable for the incessant busyness of Citystars in Heliopolis. Located on the fifth floor of the popular mall, several of the theatres are small in size, nevertheless the quality in terms of evaluate and sound are impeccable. All theatres are kept clean – which is a pleasant surprise.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 20LE Established – 35E
3D – 25LE 3D – 40LE

Golden Stars Cinema VIP (Heliopolis)

Slightly outshining its fifth tiles counterpart, Golden Stars Cinema seems to credit that adding the name of a prized metal to its name elevates it. In truth, it does; located on the first floor of Citystars, the complex houses less theatres – eight – but offers a an all-round comfier viewing experience. This, however, comes at a price.

Early Shows: Sunset Shows:

Regular – 25LE Regular – 40E
3D – 35LE 3D – 50LE

Royal Renaissance Sun City (Heliopolis)

Sun City Mall is quickly suitable a beacon for all things cool in Cairo, and the cinema follows in suit. Offering twelve screens, and four VIP screens with a separate VIP Lounge, this is one of the most grandiose cinemas in the city. With top-notch visuals and sounds, Royal Reemergence Sun City’s business seats are quite something.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 15LE Regular – 35LE
3D – 20LE 3D – 40LE
Business – 30LE Business – 40LE
Business 3D – 35LE Business 3D – 45LE

Renaissance Nile City (Downtown/Boulaq-Shobra)

Located inside the Nile City Towers, Renaissance stands as possibly the most popular cinema in Cairo; entire foreign film that makes it between Egyptian censorship will be here. Unfortunately, the cinema has gained a rather unlikeable kudos for being noisy and unkempt, except that doesn’t seem to divert many from the eight-theatre complex.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 25LE Regular – 35E
3D – 35LE 3D – 45LE

Ramses Hilton (Downtown)

Slap-bang in the middle of the busiest part of Downtown Cairo, the Ramses Hilton Bijou is decaying as badly as the once beautiful architecture of the area. Whereas the complex has pentagonal screens, showing both Arabic and English language films, the level of service and derriere-to-seat comfort is not befitting of the Hilton name.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

15LE 30LE

Odeon (Downtown)

In comparison to many cinemas in the city, the Odeon Cinema in Downtown Cairo offers good value for money. Though tickets are cheaper, the four theatre cinema boasts crisp and consistent quality throughout both Egyptian and foreign films.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

15LE 20LE

El Tahrir Cinema (Dokki)

Standing tall along the huge stretch of Tahrir Street in Dokki, El Tahrir Cinema is alone concerning the most exoteric and longstanding cinemas in the city. Though it houses appropriate a single screen, showing only Egyptian films, the cinema boasts balcony seating that is also suited to a theatre or picture houses of old. This is probably not a place to come if you’re not a fan of teenagers.

Early and Evening Shows:

Regular seating – 25LE
Balcony Seating – 30LE

Galaxy Cinema (Manial)

As another landmark bijou in Cairo, Manial’s Galaxy Cinema accommodates six theatres, screening both Egyptian and foreign films. A perceive of efficiency and gravity runs throughout the cinema, making it one of the most dependable and frequented cinemas in the city.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 15LE Regular – 30LE
3D – 20LE 3D – 40LE

Bandar (Maadi)

Never ones to feel left out, Maadi’s close-knit kinship takes pride in Bandar despite being sole of the smallest cinemas in the city. But despite having only three theatres, Bandar offers moviegoers Egyptian and foreign films, as well as the gift of 3D, still document prices are curiously high.

Early Shows: Evening Shows:

Regular – 30LE Regular – 35E
3D – 40LE 3D – 45LE

These are just a few of the cinemas in Cairo – check out the Cairo 360 cinema listings for more. Polysyndeton remember; 3D glasses are not included in any like the above ticket prices and vary from cinema to cinema. Happy viewing!