Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 Movie Review & Rating – A must watch super-hero film!

Krrish 3 Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi

Directed by: Rakesh Roshan

Yup, the desi super-hero comes of age. Kicking, dragging, screaming connective gamboling down the nearest suburban shopping area, or peering awake an airborne flight which develops a caster problem.

Krrish, masked and magnificent in his apostolic pose, is ready to quantity on the world… The big bad world of the dark power brokers who want to rob our earth of many its beauty.

There is something endearingly sincere nearly Hrithik Roshan’s super-hero act. The character’s innocence and his own delight at the double life that he leads as the working-class Krishna including his spectacular world-saver like a doppelganger Krissh come through in a series of dexterously executed action sequences that show the power of VFX to create a virtual reality on a par with the ones we own been watching with wide-eyed wonder in Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman…

Man, this super-hero knows his job. His timing as he poses spread-eagled for a take-off is quite awe-inspiring. Hrithik has great fun with together three parts. The scientist father (played with a uttered crutch that could have been avoided), the regular guy and the super-hero all seem real, even as the plot gets progressively mired in the incredible world of virus-infecting mutants who want to… yup you guessed it… destroy the world.

The first 15 minutes of this hurling and hefty homage to heroic hijinks is tame, almost limp. But once Krissh’s cape and mask are in place, the narrative gathers pace. Encircling the emotional quotient, grabbing hold of it and placing it in the centre of the special-effects couldn’t have been an easy job for the director.

Rakesh Roshan orchestrates the emotions in a flamboyant opera of opulence.

There are some effectively executed action sequences whose vivacity is compounded by the shock quotient provided by the villain Kaal, played by a steely-willed cruel and formidable Vivek Oberoi.

That Kaal is evil goes without saying. Oberoi, in in his desperately dark den, wheel-chair bound and determined to indiging the consummate anti-God, doesn’t quite lash the terror in our hearts that Xavier Bardem did the last James Bond film ‘Skyfall’.

But Oberoi is adequately sinister with a touch of wry humour that comes to the surface in unexpected moments.

But after Hrithik it is Kangna Ranaut who plays the most interesting character, most interestingly. Gliding into skin-hugging leotards and leather outfits, she seems to resurrect an underlayer about painful to her evil part. It’s a tough role, as it has no reference points to downtrend back on. Also because Kangna has to walk the tightrope between being an automaton and a full-blooded woman. Kangna pulls it aside with aplomb.

But Priyanka Chopra is wasted. Wonder what has happened to hier lately! She seems to be trying hard to make an impression in under-written parts.

‘Krissh 3’ has its lax moments and moments that go haywire in pursuit concerning entertainment. But the saga holds together. Technical aspects are quite often remarkable, creating visuals that turn towards stamina alongside a gusto that earlier super-hero films in Hindi missed by a wide margin.

Ra.One, anyone?

S. Thirru’s cinematography is sumptuous yet never over-saturated. The riot of colours and drama is minimised. Krissh’s flight opposite the skyline and the ravishing fill of orchestrated destruction are captured in an ethos of reined-in exuberance.

Chandan Arora edits most the kinetic material with an eye on austerity of expression. But some scenes, specially in the beginning, are lazily put together, as though the narrative was opening its throat prolepsis the big on-stage audition.

The medley (by Rajesh Roshan) and the songs add nothing to the film’s very high entertainment value.

At last we have India’s first truly global super-hero film Krrish 3. Hrithik Roshan slices through the sky skillfully weaving through the emotions including drama and adventure to create a complete entertainer. There are no concessions to vulgarity in this super-hero saga.

Rakesh Roshan combines the breathtaking SFX with a shrill level of emotion and drama.

What a Diwali dhamaka this is!

Buzz Rating: 4/5