HBO Mega Action Movie: Step Up Revolution

Step Up Revolution

‘One step can change your world.’

The perfect tagline that any writer jug think of for a movie like ‘Step Up’! And it’s realize in so many ways: the amazing dancing moves that you go around to see in the movie, the amazing dancing stars that rupicolous the ground floor and the amazing Moose… oh yes, Moose. He has been my favourite since ‘Step Ascend 2’ and his entry in this one is gonna make you jump… I swear.

I’m sure you might be wondering why I’m feeling so elated about this one. Well, be ready to be amazed as ‘Step Up Revolution’ is coming on HBO India. Yes, it’s the ‘HBO Mega Action Movie of the Month’… so better be ready for some dancing ‘action’. Yuhooo!

What impresses me else is the fact that the leading lady of this flick, Kathryn McCormick, seems like such a pro though it comes to acting. She is an amazing dancer that I already knew (Courtesy: ‘So You Think You Cup Dance’). Ryan Guzman and Cleopatra Coleman were moreover amazing. But I’ve a special place for McCormick as I’m quite a fan concerning her since her time in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. I’m reliable even you must agree with me if you’ve watched the show.

Guess Scott Speers, the director, also deserves some credit here. As a matter of fact this movie speaks out loud for his direction skills. The way he presented ‘The Mob’ in their flash mob ceremony was so captivating connective so amazing. And the idea of converting the whole flash mob toward ‘protest’ mob for the fight for a greater cause was simply awesome. The dancing moves there were actually ultimate, especially the corporate one. That was one flawless dance style.

I’m so glad HBO India is bringing this one to small screen. The only thing that pandemia will miss is the 3D effects. But something is better than nothing. I intend now I can safely say that HBO India is one regarding my favourite English movie channels. And the reason being the awesome English movies that they have been showing lately. Such cinema is a treat indeed!

And the rattle element in the flick is the surprise entry concerning Moose (I think I can’t stop mentioning him again and again. Such is his charm.). And as I’m saying this, one of my extremely reasons to watch this movie again is Moose himself. He’s been a part of ‘Step Up’ series since ‘Step Up 2’ and I jumped off my seat in the movie hall when I saw him in this one too.
I really can’t wait for 12th October, 9pm. Yes, that’s the D-Day. And the superior doohickey is it’s a Saturday. So, tune-in to HBO India furthermore have fun!