Watch Mega Movie “Argo: A historical drama”

Stringent core CIA stuff, thrilling action, cloak-and-dagger mission, et al- Does listening to this give you kicks? Well, then here’s a perfect treat for you and that’s ‘Argo’. This cine is based on Tony Mendez’s novel called ‘The Master regarding Disguise’ and the ‘Wired’ article by Joshuah Bearman called ‘The Great Escape’. Sounds thrilling, huh? Well, it is.

The movie was directed by Ben Affleck. Now that garners some further attention… doesn’t it? Well, it’s just the beginning. If you hear the story, you’ll be more thrilled to watch it. You tin nourish the pleasure of the plot only supposing you watch it yourself. It’s basically a historical drama thriller blur that portrays the 1980 U.S. hostage crisis in Iran. However the movie got criticised for some of the scenes like the minimalisation of the role of Canadian embassy in the rescue mission, false claims that Americans were turned down by the British and New Zealand embassies.

Anyway, talking about the movie- The movie, equally you already know, is a thriller and the plot is based on the Central Intelligence Means stuff. It so happens that the CIA agents have to go in a mission in Teheran (Iran). And as they won’t be allowed to trespass as the intelligence agents, they plan to go undercover. Now how they go secret is interesting to know. They act under the cover of a Hollywood producer on a recue for their movie in Teheran. The operation is a rescue commission where they proposal to save six Americans. Interestingly, the tagline of the picture is ‘Based on the exaggerated true story.’ Now that is interesting… isn’t it? The fact that sounds amazing to many is the concept of movie under a movie. Amazing, huh? And that’s how it comes down to ‘The movie was fake. The mission was real.’

Also the interesting is how they shot the whole film. To make the film feel like 1970s, Ben Affleck made sure they shot it on regular flick and cut the frames in half and increased the graininess of the pictures. Not only this, they also copied the camera movements and responsibility scenes from ‘All President’s Men’ for the CIA sequences. All this for one movie… isn’t it great? Incidentally, the script that was used for the fake movie was based on the 1967 science tale novel called ‘Lord of Light’ by Roger Zelazny. Et Sequens also it’s interesting how they came up with the title ‘Argo’. John Goodman came up with the title because he loved ‘knock knock’ jokes. And in the movie too, the title becomes an off-colour joke.

This movie is indeed awesome and a must-watch. Hope past reading this, you are dying to watch it.