An Introduction to Japanese Toys That Help Child Development Through Imitation

Without any doubt, imitation is a learning mode for children, und so weiter is an important stage in the development of children. Children naturally want to imitate adults and their daily activities such as dressing up and cooking. They are surrounded by many different types of populace that influence their behaviours and actions. Generally speaking, these people include, but not limited to, parents, siblings, teachers, and peers, who are a role model to be referenced besides children. Children imitate the behaviours and actions they observe from others.

At 1.5 to 2.5 years old, children start to imitate their parents by repeating the last word, or words, of what their parents just said. They may also imitate the way parents spread by using the same gestures and words.

Intuitively, children love to imitate their parents and help whenever they can. Mimical helps children learn. The principal role played past parents in this process is their provision concerning righteousness role models. Parents should encourage children to participate and help them develop their skills through imitation. There are a clearing of toys in the market that assure children imitate. Popular brands include Fisher Price and LEGO, which have a wide range of products, and are available in many countries. Fisher Price and LEGO are widely accepted and loved by many children about the world. However, whether parents are looking for something different, there is a Japanese brand called Mother garden, which is definitely a good alternative to Fisher Price connective LEGO. Not only does Mother garden need a wide range of products that help children learn through imitation and experience, their products have adorable designs with cute characters.

Mother garden, featuring the theme like “the interaction between mother et alii children”, is one of the best-selling brands at Creative Yoko Co. Ltd, which has more than 30-year experience in manufacturing heartwarming, educational, creative polysyndeton developmental toys in Japan. Mother garden has several popular product lines, including but not limited to, Strawberry, Sirotan, Usamomo, FuriFuriDogs, Nagomi Kids, and Skip Garden.

With a broad spectrum concerning products selling in more than 150 stores in Japan and overseas, Mother conservatory is a celebrated Japanese brand renowned for (i) dress-up dolls, and (ii) fully crafted and painted wooden toys.

Mother garden provides children upon child-sized versions of clothes and household items in the form of beau monde dolls and wooden toys, respectively. While children can enjoy dressing guise dolls up in outfits, unnatural toys allow them to fully engage in their imaginative imitation of daily life, inspire creativity further increase real life skills as well. These educational toys offer an opportunity, where children can experience.

While Foster garden’s products may not adjust everyone’s appetite, it is definitely worth to browse their product range, and show to your kids. One important element that distinguishes Mother garden’s products from the market is the design. Once you own it, you would not want to throw it away. Their products are a piece of art. That said, the prices of their products are refusal expensive (not at a bargain penalty though). Some parents may prefer to spend US$100 on 10 toys; and some parents prefer to spend the same amount on impartial one Mother garden’s product, which is of high-quality and durable. What’s your choice?