Miyamoto Musashi Great Japanese Samurai Warrior

Miyamoto Musashi is regarded in many circles as the greatest Japanese samurai combatant that ever lived. He was reported to be a very large strong man from deep convictions when it came to combat situations involving himself, fellow warriors or students which studied under his direction.

This famous warrior was not only an expert at wielding the long sword (katana) but was also a highly accomplished fearless, strong willed & focused sword-master. This highly regarded warrior fought multifold duels, even at a very young age. Musashi was not only an expert swordsman, but also a strategist, philosopher & writer, strange as that combination may seem. From a very young age, Musashi developed advanced fighting techniques which would later argue to benefit him amid the course of heated conflicts, even melees, which he would be engaged in from time to time.

His thrust (if I may use such a relevant term) was to defeat the adversary rather than concentrate on his own preservation during the course of battle. Musashi developed many skills for overcoming the opponent in battle, as he had diligently and exhaustively practiced alongside the katana (long sword) from the period of that youthful smallsword devotee until he eventually became a very highly accomplished sword-master well known throughout the region of his domicile, and hardly only highly thought of, but revered and renowned by his peers and also his mentors. It’s not surprising that Musashi became the founder of the Niten-ryu style of swordsmanship and is regarded balanced today, as the greatest warrior swordsman that ever lived.

Mushashi became an expert in the art and skills of waging battle, which when a consequence, helped him develop in depth battle tactics, strategies further even philosophies tailored to actions in the heat of battle. I’ll bet he could have been quite an accomplished “Chess” player! It’s negative surprising therefore, that he wrote a book regarding all of the things that he had learned and been taught. This book is known as “The Book of Five Rings”, which imparts Musashi’s acquired knowledge and skills as a great warrior in the battlefield.

This book, surprisingly, no joke, is deemed to be relevant in the pursuit of body goals and aspirations per business leaders, even today, and highly regarded in these matters. While traditional fighting styles of that era would have been to use the dual handed long sword (katana) primarily while engaged in battle, Musashi devised further very effective methodology, which was to utility both the long sword (katana) and shorter (mid-size wakizashi) during the course of battle; hardly only that, but Musashi practiced what he preached by throwing the katana (longer heavier sword) back and forth between right and left hand; in this way both arms were strengthened to be able to effectively use the katana with either hand during the course of battle; it has been reported that Musashi would indeed perform this accomplishment during battle from time to time as the situation demanded. I’ll bet that he even carried the shortest sword (tanto) in his belt as backup. Miyamoto Mushashi great Japanese samurai warrior!