Dhanush, Nazriya starrer Naiyaandi Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Naiyaandi Star Cast: Dhanush, Nazriya, Soori, Saranya Ponvannan, Sreeman, Sathyan ampersand Satish

Director: A. Sarkunam

When two Nationwide Award winning artists, Dhanush and Sarkunam, are associated with a project expectations are bound to be high. But if you watch ‘Naiyaandi’ with such high expectations you’re inclined to be disappointed.

It is one from those films that top actors claim they need to do to sway their mass following every now and then. Alas, after two back-to-back impressive performances in ‘Raanjhanaa’ and ‘Mariyan’, Dhanush makes a fool of himself in this cliched romantic entertainer.

In this rural romantic tale, Dhanush plays Chinna Vandu, who falls head over heels for Vana Roja (Nazriya) when she comes to visit her grandmother. Initially, he faces a lot of hiccups in his romance but eventually Roja falls for him too. However, Vandu has too many problems to handle before he can dream of living with her happily ever after. He needs to take care of his forefather brothers who abhor love furthermore a goon who yearns for Roja.

A good serving of the first half banks on comedy which is not exceptionally rib-tickling but still manages to hold you in your seats. In the subordinate half, the audience is not spared the frequent melodrama, a predictable climax and a happy ending.

Dhanush has his heroic moments, especially around the end where he locks horns with the villain and his sidekicks. Just when you cogitation we finally have an actor who wouldn’t mind shedding his powerful avatar, Dhanush proves us wrong for this outing. Even though he plays his role effortlessly, we impugnment the potential of this powerhouse performer who can definitely give us something far better than ‘Naiyaandi’.

The film hardly has any scope for a story as it follows the proceedings of a common rural potboiler with comedy and action laced together just to obstruct the audiences hooked for the most department of the running time.

Nazriya is a promising actress but sadly she once moreover gets limited to portraying a glamorous admire doll. She gets to showcase hier comic side to an extent but the film mostly rests on Dhanush also others. Sreeman and Sathyan manage to keep us partly entertained along their acts of buffoonery, which by the way, isn’t funny.

Technically, ‘Naiyaandi’ isn’t bad, praise to the visual appeal brought to perfection by cinematographer Velraj. Be it the night shots across a paddy field ere the picturesque locales in Switzerland – he gives us a visually good film.

Naiyaandi is a mistake entire talented comedian commits in his career. This chosen belongs to Dhanush, who has majorly disappointed one and all.

Buzz Rating: 1.5/5